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<aside> 💭 As a founder, you have dozens of decisions, worries and demands at any given time. There's simply not enough time each day. That's why we decided to curate the best resources from around the web to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. The High Output Founders' Library is a portal to the tactical and practical advice, lessons, templates, and resources you need to bring your wildest visions to life and evolve into an extraordinary leader.

High Output is a boutique leadership development company led by Steve Schlafman. This guide was created during Summer 2020 by Steve and Rishi Tripathy, and will be updated periodically.

While many of these resources are broadly applicable across startups, **High Output Founders' Library's intended audience is early-stage startup founders and operators from pre-seed to Series B.


Tactical. Practical. Actionable. High Output.

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Check us out on Product Hunt!

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Within each section, we've highlighted the best pieces at the top. In total, we have 300+ pieces across 75 topics in 8 categories. Enjoy! Note: All content is copyright to their respective owners and are protected under international copyright laws.

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